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Words of sensual seeking, of pleasure giving, of kisses, of love found, or lost, or captured, or shared.

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An exploration - an introduction
Posted:Jan 23, 2014 5:13 am
Last Updated:Feb 4, 2018 4:55 pm

I believe
within us all sensuality lurks
awaiting the right touch or kiss
a rising pulse of light and heat
a shared repast of loving bliss
within us all waiting.

First kisses are fresh and sweet, but once the taste is taught, how keenly in experienced lovers builds the heat, tumbling together anew in passion caught.

If you enjoy the blog entry, or poem, which brought you here, feel free to go back through the blog and read and comment on more...when the reader reads for the first time is when the written language comes alive for the first time from their perspective....from your perspective, writing given life,...fresh, new and raw.

So welcome to this blog - An exploration, please read, interact, and

comment, comment often, comment sweet, comment to make your visit complete.

Always searching for new shades and forms of the muse, so if you have an idea, feel free to leave a comment or reflection.
My Cold War Spy
Posted:Feb 15, 2018 9:29 pm
Last Updated:Feb 15, 2018 9:30 pm

My Cold War Spy
You are a cold war spy
discretion is your password
and I cannot read your eyes
there is an enigma frosted there
and your smile is not full
neither would I say grim
it conveys warmth without
letting me closer or within
it is the Mona Lisa smile
the same through rifle sights
as through bubbles of champagne
which might spoil my aim
or make me susceptible to your wiles
even as you counterfeit those smiles
and your body reminds me of
an Italian motorcycle swift
all pared down and thin
a darting spirit for the streets
and coarsely I consider
how you would handle beneath the sheets
and again your gaze closes
as if you have read my mind
decided I am not worthy
of someone of your kind
in dress flowing worn
and split to upper thigh
the kind of dress
if with confidence attired
will stop pedestrians in the street
who will pause and think and dream
of how you they might meet
outside their dreams in some place
where those ruby lips could kiss
and body take them to bliss
and your mind is turning
as the daylight hours burning
almost done and almost gone
my secret service agent woman.

discarded relationships
Posted:Feb 14, 2018 3:56 pm
Last Updated:Feb 15, 2018 8:55 pm

discarded relationships
I walk the shores of my life
and see what has been cast up
every relationship long or passing
is evidenced on edge of thoughts
memories ocean heaving and turning
so many here and now gone
never truly discarded by me
I want to continue the dialogue
to know what became of them
since they shone a blade of light
from their own beacons of life
into and onto my own
how have they grown
or do they remain exactly as they were
the people I once knew
how are they now
floating beyond my reach
and if we meet shall it be
a quick hello and hurry off
hoping recalled the right name
trying to recall if we parted well
or parted through clenched teeth
and how much was love above
and how much apathy or hate beneath
when I reflect upon
walk up and down the shore along
the remnant memories
of those I once knew
of relationships cast upon these shores.

Their True Future
Posted:Feb 14, 2018 4:43 am
Last Updated:Feb 16, 2018 6:32 am

Their True Future
Go on Valentine's Day
show me one more couple
hands clasped tight together
striding in rhythm
as if own this world
and can see a future
aluminum siding bright
of long winged rocket cars
and perfect children
and food from pills
and no disease
such a gleam in their eyes
mercenary and perfect
in every way
so I say Valentine's Day
take your slick propaganda
and leave me here alone
I know their true future
as I suck on vinegar wine
of him crawling into a bottle
when the dreams succumb
to a rush of reality
and she dealing with
snotty faced brats imbecilic
dressed in charity cast-offs
the car a smoking junker
the house a disheveled tip
and food always fast fat
processed salt and sugars
distorting body and organs
both will die alone
choked on own vomit
and I wonder if today
I am a tad more cynical.

Reeds in the Wind
Posted:Feb 12, 2018 4:18 pm
Last Updated:Feb 15, 2018 9:47 pm

Reeds in the Wind
We are reeds in the wind
bending to the storm within
such passion flowing in our veins
our kisses falling as if rain
your supple body bending back
as along your body caresses track
learning how and where you sigh
diovering softness of inner thigh
the warmth which each to other imparts
the fiery touches which ignites our hearts
every moment we move together
seems our rhythm and timing getting better
reeds moving in the wind
bending to the storm within
hungry lips on other gnaw
this desire we dare not ignore
holding hips and setting pace
in kisses deep attain a timeless grace
hands beneath raising you up
and sometimes breast stroking cup
every inch of physical form
alight with passion as we perform
and greater than the physical world
beyond the heat and body's curves
a pillar of fire from spirit rises
entire being this loving comprises
holding close as embrace can be
as you and I seek perfect synchronicity
both are breathing in greater haste
as every touch this electricity chase
we are reeds moving in the wind
bending to the storm within
a vibration purring echoes deep
as we further in passion leap
barely moving from this place
as with kisses body lace
sucking licking exploring you
such joy in reactions I view
a sultry husky moan of more
exciting me to my very core
and a glance of demanding want
this is no time to tease or taunt
locked together our bodies rut
joyous in this spirited fuck
a loving without censorship
a loving deep true not quick
shaking we of the other grasp
as if this moment might be our last
holding on it seems for dear life
as across us roars orgasmic delight
twitches pleasurable and sparks of ecstasy
the soaring love and joy of you and me
as if reeds standing before the wind
made stronger by the love within.
Souls Mislead
Posted:Feb 11, 2018 8:02 pm
Last Updated:Feb 12, 2018 6:04 pm

Souls Mislead
Valentine's Day red
when all good souls are mislead
poison your skin to present
an unlined face you would not resent
kill a thousand buds just blooming
to use as your personal grooming
sweet roses by the truckload rot
because this charade will not stop
your attempts at romantic action
established by a commercial transaction
offering flowers in exchange for sex
does not such licentious behaviour vex
we are more than chocolate and bouquets
we have other greater attributes okay
provide some deeper incentive for
the opportunity to this person paw
show some initiative creativity and spark
don't follow lead of every Tom Don and Mark
No need to wear restricting lingerie cheap
if with loved one you would think to sleep
no need to douse yourself in toxic scents
as if by your body odor you were incensed
no need to paint a mask on your face
to make your lover's insipid heart race
put aside all these mercantile wiles
present instead a face of smiles
listen and in your listening share
all those things about which you care
and then when the one you capture
take them to the edge of rapture
and halting mention it is Valentine's Day
should we to church or should we pray
for all the sad souls bereft and alone
and should we mortal sinners atone
for this love so based on hasty lust
that on a special day we feel we must
offer obligatory sex as pagan sacrifice
an annual offering we hope will suffice
to keep us together for another year
how do you think on that my dear......

and if that does not kill romantic mood
then burp thrice and blame the heavy food.

Valentine's Day Night
Posted:Feb 11, 2018 7:26 pm
Last Updated:Feb 12, 2018 6:05 pm

Valentine's Day Night
Valentine's day red
Valentine's Day bright
who cares for chocolate
who cares for roses
bring me Valentine's Day night
when lights are off
and together lie
with kisses emotions pry
holding close and whispering
those sweet entreaties
at a volume for one alone
not done over the phone
to the warm body beside
against which I now lie
carnal thoughts in my head
of deeds lusting
of caresses sensuals
of joyous melding
of body on body
leave you breathless
in passion almost crying
so sweet the day become
by emotions overrun
teasing fingers supple tongues
our loving much until we done
then drift to sleep
in tangled embrace
on Valentine's Day red
let us Valentine's Day in bed.

a golden light through an open door
Posted:Feb 11, 2018 6:17 am
Last Updated:Feb 12, 2018 6:52 am

a golden light through an open door
Late at night
when the wind can blow
and seems ghosts might walk
one of those really dark nights
and we have been together
not likely enough to lose
the complete sense of mystery
of wanting to discover all
about the other person
in the room with us
and you smiled
and I smiled
and we both lent in
and we kissed
as we had many times before
but perhaps we were familiar enough
to make it an even better kiss
one which tugged at some filament
of understanding and reality
tore a hole into our true empathy
and at that point only
a door opened in our togetherness
through which shone a golden light
an understanding of who we were
a trust that this love was true
in the brightness beautiful
a hue of golden light
strong and true
for a moment the door open
and I could see through
in the kiss in that moment
and then the door closed
firmly and completely
and you may wonder
what happened next
turn away and escape
find someone else who could
hold the door open more
or do you realise
the door which opened
is so rare and precious to see
that you accept the life given
the life you must lead
and with that person who
once opened the door stay
hoping at some point
you both will find the way
you opened the door once
perhaps you could again.
Remind Me Of Music
Posted:Feb 8, 2018 5:51 pm
Last Updated:Feb 12, 2018 9:47 pm

Remind Me Of Music
Birds on wing circling
so we are in this bar
our glances sometimes land
an unbalanced dart on target
in the other's gaze
and then Time seems to pause
till with dry lips we turn away
building up bravery to say
you remind me of music
music I didn't know existed
until I saw you sitting there
a piece of life's jigsaw
a central piece missing
as if you were lost when I first began
and my puzzle never solved
until I first saw you
and the attraction
unwavering draws us close
till opposite across a table
you sit and tell
those stories proud and shy
of where you went and have d
places visited and work performed
the bands and singers you liked
as we build a library of each other
a catalogue to categorize you
and me and to indicate
if beneath our skins our thoughts
might not be too far apart
that civil disorder unlikely
if we stray to awkward subjects
and hear the charity of your heart
the causes to which you give import
how you spend your time
when time you have free to use
in a book or music or a walk
catching up on movies
or finding a friend with whom to talk
now we sit closer still
both on same side of table
your head on my shoulder
not resting just happy
as we while the day away
wishing it would never end
a song I want to learn
music to move my heart
a melody to set me free.
the more lively you awaiting
Posted:Feb 7, 2018 5:43 pm
Last Updated:Feb 11, 2018 5:14 am

the more lively you awaiting
The camouflage you wear
to blend in and disappear
your colours dull not bright
your hair dark not light
you move into the shadows
attempting to merge with the wall
yet when you are unable to hide your smile
or your laugh breaking freely flows
there is such a beauty there
which only artists of genius know
how I want to do as artists do
take you and place you on display
a private gallery sitting
in a private place for you and I
and trace the lines of your face
bring greater colour to your cheeks
remove those drab rags
with which you clothe yourself
blow lightly on your skin
my lips to graze over heat
to slowly bring out from within
the passion I know you hold
the desire hidden in your thoughts
the fun hinted in your smile
the lust for life in your laugh
together you and I
not create merely unveil
the more lively you awaiting
to step out in loving style
to discover life is joy
ecstasy passion and desire
and all is waiting for you
in this next kiss
in the heartbeat rapid
life bursting to be free.

Dress Sense
Posted:Feb 7, 2018 3:34 am
Last Updated:Feb 11, 2018 5:15 am

Dress Sense
You wear your smile bright
its presence brings its own light
and when you wear the blue dress short
as a rabbit in the headlights I am caught
my gaze lingers on naked upper thigh
then I move my gaze to meet your eyes on high
sometimes it will be a bra of great ability
to create deeper cleavage to make me guilty
as again my gaze drifts from your words
distracted by those treacherous plunging curves
those tops which show side of bare flank
and glimpse of breast to heavens I thank
how you cleverly wield those fashion tools
make of distracted men easy fools
how the fabric hugs curves and lines
or straps climbing up you like vines
the magic with bits of fabric silk and lace
to highlight your body and your grace
high heels or low or bare feet I see
each hints at the always female mystery
a heavy woollen jumper in Winter cold
clings to you as I would want to warmly hold
and most of all and worth all the miles
the brightest and lightest of your smiles
when for me you wear nothing at all
when in passion's hope I come to call.

A Week to Valentine's Day
Posted:Feb 6, 2018 8:22 pm
Last Updated:Feb 7, 2018 3:02 am

A Week to Valentine's Day
A week to Valentine's Day
when we must give romantic thought their way
when we must ply our loved one with attention
for on Valentine's Day that is the convention
and with the obligatory gift giving done
you and I must have intercourse even if it isn't fun
even if you are tired and worried about your job
or I have been acting like a heartless slob
on that day it is expected
we two lovers must be connected
hail snow wind hurricane heat or rain
we must connect as a couple again

Which is why I prefer a week out from the Day
to track you down with thoughts of play
under no obligation except our own desires
is genuine if from kisses we ignite lustful fires
press you back into the couch as TV squawk
in kisses and panting lose track of how to talk
stroking hand brushing over inner thigh
and your whispers asking me to go higher
a fingertip swirling in the lightest dew
brings forth a curling arching body response from you
settling back again and taking a deep breath
you state for the wicked now there be no rest
let us show our love in copulation erotic
let us trip the lights blazing and exotic

Under no social or mercantile obligation
to participate in a bout of copulation
to perspire and allow hips eager to meet
to tangle reaching limbs and curl feet
to burn lips with kisses deep
to exhaust ourselves to edge of sleep
no roses red or chocolate dark
no need to picnic in the park
instead in private let us reveal
those emotions raw we conceal
allow our lust unchained to mark our love
rather than wait a week for the obligatory push and shove.

Not the Olympics
Posted:Feb 6, 2018 5:43 pm
Last Updated:Feb 7, 2018 4:17 pm

Not the Olympics
This isn't the Olympics
I am not seeking world class fast
I want a lover with stamina to last

do not bring your jumping skis to bed
they will tear the sheets to shreds
unclothe and disrobe and naked be
as the Greeks were in Olympics of history

what they would make of games on snow and ice
I suspect be unquotable and not at all nice
I have never heard of a great Greek nordic skier
or of a bearded Greek curling team overseer

and in my boudoir I am the same
do not bring here some alien game
we are here to love not win gold
so embrace don't practice a wrestling hold

there may be moments when
and in this I seek your person not to offend
we shall resemble a professional two person team
as if locked in a bob-sled together we scream

in ecstasy unchecked and unjudged
no style marks and no worries if we are smudged
by fluids risen tart from deep within
this bed our end and where we begin

to carry flirting and teasing to levels higher
brighter than Olympic flame burns our desire
so get beneath the covers with me
as the aerial skiers I will set you free

to soar in mind and spirit high
as I seek essence of love between your thighs
no gold shall either of us win today
though in our fornicating Olympic class at play.


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