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SoHot4Lesbians said
I have a huge desire for lesbians with large breasts (who I'd love to cum all over) and who are highly vocal during sex, moaning and sceaming "fuck me, fuck me harder". I don't even mind sharing you with a guy who cums on you while we are all having sex... Open to anything kinky, except pain and bondage
Becca4u2 said
I have met some great and amazing people on this site. Has loads of fun and mind-blowing sex!! I'm addicted to the men on this site. I've met over 150 in person.
rm_wunderingal said
Thanx Fuck Book Of Sex! We checked outyour ste the profiles and ffound the prefect couple! Maybe we were just lucky but the first couple we found interesting was willing to meet us for coffee we did and found new awseome and HOT new frends! And they enjoyed us too! PS AND THE SEX WAS GREAT TOO!
rm_wunderingal said
Thanx Fuck Book Of Sex! We checked outyour ste the profiles and ffound the prefect couple! Maybe we were just lucky but the first couple we found interesting was willing to meet us for coffee we did and found new awseome and HOT new frends! And they enjoyed us too! PS AND THE SEX WAS GREAT TOO!
Sadystic_Chaos said
I became a member of Fuck Book Of Sex almost a year ago. It's been a fantastic way of meeting new and interesting people, and a way for me to be more social. I love the Meet and Greets, and so far everyone I've met has been genuine. =)
billylm88222 said
Why can't I get you people to explain the fact that I can't get videos to me? Does anybody there work?
rm_blackjackdo said
this is my first articl more to follow I couldnt by paste it to become a successful member of a woman I have met my fair share of wanna-bas hasbeen a sex boss. I have always fantasy about play and i found a woman willing to esxperimet with me she had done twice and ti was amazing she set it up i went to the bar and hid in my house she had me pull in the house on the floor she told me to get up she also put me on the wall where she forced me and star to do it .it last for about 50 minutes and felt better than ony fucking time it was so good it is the best i have in my life .I strongly suggest man give it a try it work only if you trust the woman how is doing to you .some of man do not like womna to do it them I told you my dick was cut up and hre puss cut up too woman or good fucker when they need to be fuck they need thye go al the awy to do it .I was so the day i sign up with Fuck Book Of Sex .I see and meet woman all over I have to tell you this my girl friend live me 1 month now and i am not going to looking for her i need to go on with my life so she can do the same.
rm_divabree said
My partner and I had decided to try swinging together to fulfill some fantasies we both had. Within a couple of weeks of joining the site we connected with a couple we both like very much. We met them, had a great time together, and are planning to meet again soon. We were looking to meet folks we could be friends as well as playmates with, and met them here!
truebadoor said
binki likes it when i lick him up and down with pop rocks in my mouth, and yogart to keep it wet and slippery. witch keep them pop rocks a poppen if you know what i mean
lonely_fun04 said
We're looking forward to hearing about your success with Fuck Book Of Sex! If you have met someone special, made new friends, or just have had a great time, share your story with us and other members. Stories will be reviewed for content and published on a competitive basis, so keep them upbeat, concise, and all about how Fuck Book Of Sex has worked for you!
avafrankie said
I wish I could share a successful story and since I am a transgendered lady, I have came close but apparently have got little success. I have been on Fuck Book Of Sex for nearly a year to find someone new and have had contact, but so far have not met the special someone to lose my virginity to.

In a way, this site has opened doors for me.
_hayley_080 said
hello there, im just new here anyway, but im using this site about a year, on and off here, but i have met a lot of members here, they communicate with me through email here and get in touch with each other outside the site, they leave their messenger here so we can talk whenever we want if were offline here, i have a great time having fun with someone here so maybe you should know about this, not all of the girls here are fake or whatever, you should try them first before judging them. dont compare everyone to each other, because theres a lot of difference between them, try your luck its fun, if you want to contact me just leave a message here and leave your messenger too.. thanks hayley here
ImtheBrogan said
well i just started using it and could never find anyone ever interested in the same things i am i like it kinky so far it has been great way to meet new people that like to dress the way i do and are interested in the same sexual preferences
housewife6 said
All started one day that my husbend got back from college with a guy he meet in class so keep coming every day so it was Friday evening I was cocking dinner they were out side the back yard n he went in side the house n said something stupid so hit him on his balls n said look what u did n his head was out of his pants so I laugh of him n keep on cooking so it was time to bed they were on r room ulises was getting a tattoo so I take a shower n put on a see through night gown n went to bed n fall sleep n next day he told me that it was my fault that he have blue balls so I said it wasn't my fault so its was time for bed again so I was telling my husbend what he had told me n he said lets have a threesome I said ok so cris who he my husbend call him he was going to sleep at the living room so ulises come to room n cris tell him to come watch tv with us so we make some room for him on bed them I ask him why u said its my fault that u have blue balls he just laugh so cris pull my tits out my gown n tell him to grab my tits n we ask him to take his cloths off n he did but he keep his boxer on n I star sucking cris dick so cris said that it was ulises turn to get a blow job so I tell him to take his everything off so he did it n I saw that it was big n thick n cris was telling him that I love sex n given head n that I know how to fuck real good so I said hell yeah special when is hard n big as is so had to taste of it but I had to get on top of it n ride it for a few second n I was all wet then I continue to ride it again thru the night to he come n he went to freshen up went I decided to follow him in to the shower n finish up went my husbend find us but we continue into we finish up n I was relax n ready for bed it was great
stephen77kimani said
i have been married to a wife who is not active addicted to sex so i need some motivating sex videos to show her the different styles so that she can gain more experience.even if is to send comments it can help me at large.
johnbari said
Love is life
mj0303 said
In the three months that I have been active on Fuck Book Of Sex, I have met some great men. Adult Friend Finders has been the most reliable resource for meeting people. It offers the most indepth interview profile. I really got a good idea of what I was looking for by answering the profile questions. I was rarely disappointed when I selected some one that I wanted to meet.

In fact I met someone very special on my second meet. I would never have me him, if it had not been for ths site. If you are real on this site, you will not be disappointed

rehman6363029 said
i like very much
nm777abq said
Hello every one , I been a Adult FF member for years off and on and it's been a great ride, I met women off and on some months no luck and some lots of luck , what I found to work is be honest and polite, and sho your intered with class and it usually works out, I have been seeing a women for over a year now and started seeing another since November of 2011, and with these to women the FWB has been great, so all u members don't give up , just becareful there's also a lot of fake people out there also and I think Adult FF is doing a good job at keeping them out in a timely manner . Thank You Adulty FF for a great web site and it really works just have patience and it will pay off , I'm proof of successes .
bigas2530 said
hi how r u ? am top horny :)
kennethstill said
Womens here I love hot pics , makes, nudes too but I will chat or talk drity as well : I love to be here when it comes to dirtiness as well .
joshua364602 said
I noticed him in my local chartroom here on this site. We were both looking for fun only, but it grew into something more special as time went by. Turns out we really wanted the same things out of life. We are now engaged, very happy and still in the lifestyle. The big day is in December, four years from the day we met.

rm_killer5547 said
please kal i will tel you evrything and mak u fels you doing so
justmeslim said
I Found Fuck Book Of Sex after seraching for local females to hook up with days after signing up i had three women that wanted to meet well needless to say i ment the first one and she blew my min we had sex for hours and just when i thought i could go anymore she amazed me with her mouth and brought my cock back to life! Fuck Book Of Sex is the only place to meet female that just want a good nsa time!
Accessboy2 said
just want to met now people an i wish sum one can fine me out an tell me wat to duo wit this girl ok boy just rum she an tell she say fuck off nu gal an nu call back mi phone ok cause mi nu want u again mi fine a adult woman call test me cause i am dame gud like that wink
iamlucky13 said
I tried eHarmony for love and a lasting relationship, but only found men who just wanted sex. I got fed up with the deception and decided to try a Fuck Book Of Sex, where all the expectations are out in the open. I got a lot of interest and many dates were set, but before I knew it, I was in a real, honest, healthy relationship with another Fuck Book Of Sex member. We eventually decided to be exclusive and got married 9 months after we met. Life has been grand ever since! It took Fuck Book Of Sex to meet meet Mr. Right. And he says the same. Thank you so much for the fun and the fairy tale ending.
Just_nutz06 said
I met my now husband here 3 yrs ago we met @ a party became friends and started dating over 2 yrs ago we got married june 18th 2011 ive found everything i was looking for thanks to the chicagoland chat room and the meet and greets that they have thanks Fuck Book Of Sex for helping me met the man of my dreams :)
liberressstar3 said
my name is laure, je suis une fille age de 24 je veux une relaction en marriage je vis au togo je veux un homme aimable et sentimentale , un homme responsable qui veux se marrier j'ai un enfant age de 3 qui vis avec ma mere je veux le marriage qui peux m'amener aller vivre avec cet homme dans n'inporte quelle pays et partout car ma vie besoin d'un homme serrieux et aimable quelque qu'en soit l'age de la personne je l'accepterai . je veux homme un bon homme qui a connu la vie et connait la valeur d'une femme et une mere et un enfant qui aime les enfants je suis prete a faire ce que cet homme me demandera je veux tenter ma chance pour voire ce que la vie me reserve avec cet homme je l'aimerai de toute ma mie jusqu'a ma mort
liberressstar3 said
my name is Laura, I am a girl age 24 I want a marriage in Relaction I live in Togo I want a man amiable and sentimental, a responsible man who wants to get married I have a child age 3 to live with my mother I want that marriage can bring me to live with this man in any country and around n'inporte because my life needs a man serrieux any kind whatsoever and the age of the person I will accept it. man I want a good man who has experienced life and knows the value of a wife and a mother and a child who loves children I am ready to do what this man asks me I will try my luck to see what the I reserve life with this man I will love all my love until I die.
sarwar01000 said
i watching lady who gives me boobs and her pussy for me and i fucking him.
monthermrmr said
I enjoy the fun of being sexually and give everything I can from the feelings of love Chksalve reacts to be giving as much as is taken
hugecocks4oral said
This site and before this one its sister site Fuck Book Of Sex helped me get have some of the BEST MALE HOOK-UPS For SEX EVER!!!!

Fuck Book Of Sex/MN helped me meet this college student who brought a few friends to my place our 2nd get together. I was still just a few guys experienced when I had 3 guys - college aged - start dropping their pants & clothes then sat with me on the sofa. As one guy undressed me I saw the other 2 and one had started licking the other's penis. What really got my attention was how big a Cock - huge, thick, long MONSTER it was...on the guy being licked. I quickly basically butted in and said Let me try this one... which not even hard yet I shoved in my Lips & Sucked The Juicest Cock as it got Hard & Huge Fast - such a mouthful I just licked it to get a better look .... his Balls where also HUGE!!! I rubbed them & stroked his shaft with both hands... but of course I WENT DOWN ON HIM & MADE IT MY MISSION TO BE GREAT AT GIANT COCK SUCKING... We all switched around but the majority of the time I was sucking him...

We ended up seeing each other for ORAL & RIMMING often for 1 1/2 yrs till he moved away. Blowing 10" plus of thick slightly curved upward when hard with a huge head and thick shaft... and HE WAS ALWAYS SUPER HARD/STIFF and his huge Nuts were awesome to suck. His Cum shots were insane and he LOVED when I lubbed his Pole and 2 handed jerked his unk off on my face!!!

I have also had a bunch of other awesome Hook-Ups...Curious/ Bi/ Gay guys and M/F Couples - very fun!!! ... what I LOVE is seeing guys and their Cocks here 1st... then asking them to possibly meet up...and when we do I GET SO EXCITED DRIVING TO MEET... ALREADY KNOWING THE LOOK & SIZE OF HIS COCK BEFORE I EVEN OPEN WITH PANTS...

I also started wearing Women's Lingerie for guys I meet here that enjoy that sort of thing. Nice to pre-arrange these matters...
rm_7842dmc said
I, Derrick Mulaisho was born on 22 /03 1970 at St.Thereses Mission Hospital, which is found in Ndola Rural.Iam a Lamba by tribe under chieftainess Malemeka of the lamba speaking people.I started my grade one (1)in 1980 when I was about 10 years old, at St.Ttereses Primary School upto grade 7.thereafter, My Uncle got me a tranfer to Tug Argan Primary School where I wrote my grade seven and passed to grde eight .Idid my jounior secondary educaticn at Tug Argan junior secondary school, which was a two course from 1987 to1988.In 1988 I sat for my grade 9 examinations and passed to grade 10 this was in 1989.Since, the school where I was just ended up to grade 7 .I was SELECTED to grade 10 at Masala High School which ia in the heart of Ndola town. Completed my grade twelve in 1991.WHILE I was waiting for my grade twelve results I started selling beer in my uncle's bar with the view of rising money college fee as we agreed with my uncle.Unfortunately things happened not the I Expected .This was in Mufulira one of the towns in the copperbelt.I left my uncle to go and join my father in Lusaka where he was working as a building foreman, this was in 1995.When the result where out in midle of 1994 I was accepted at institution one at Copperbelt Secondary School Training College and the other one Kwame Nhkuluma teacther training college.Unfortunately I was unable to my course , this was because my who suppose to pay for my tuition fee died the same I joined him.So there was no one else to pay for my tuition fees.I got married in 1997 to a very beautful lady and I have three children with her , now divorcedin2004, but I have the all three children with me.The first born is in grade 9 this year , second born is in 6 this year and the third born she is in grade 4 this year.In 2006 I got employed in Government Republic Of Zambia as an Office Assistant, under the Ministry of Agricultere and livestock.I have worked with the Government for 6 years now and am stil serving.My plans now is to go to school of Agricultere sometime in June this year 2012.I Think this all Ican share with you.I hope and trust you will enjoy to know about me.Thankyou byeee! town
rm_baba4044 said
I am a man of 29 years, looking for a soulmate woman around 18 to 30years in my life. Am very honest, calm, caring and romantic.
rm_alhs2 said
hai i am nagaraju Fuck Book Of Sex i am loocking for good sexy girl.
rm_asaad006 said
i wont woman for fun in qatar doha
bigcdog766 said
in three years i have hsd 2girlfriends and threelovers
excitedisis said
Dear Fuck Book Of Sex, I would like to begain to say ty my bf and I have enjoyed this site. We met on Fuck Book Of Sex almost a year ago next month. This is how it happend. I had just moved over here(oregon) from the east coast last January to a small town with my parents. I soon found myself wanting to meet people but not wanting the whole dramma of dating. So I signed up for Fuck Book Of Sex. I chatted with many nice guys and couples but nothing realy clicked. Then one day I was checking my email from Fuck Book Of Sex and looking through the many flirts and seen one who winked and caught my eye, not only was this guy great looking but as I read his profile he seemed very smart and fun. So hey took a chance. I winked and flirted back. He sent me a email on Fuck Book Of Sex and for a about 2 weeks befor we swaped numbers we began to talk but not only talk but text so it began long nights till early morning every sec of the day we were in contact.

So we chatted for a month and sent pics and emailed through Fuck Book Of Sex. Then we decided to cam and wow it was a instant atraction and the cyber sex was nice but we agreed it was time to meet. So we set up for spring break in march(since he is in college)so the anticapation built for 4 weeks and we were both excited. When he came to town met my parents and that night we slept in the same bed touching each other and had the hottest intence quietest sex ever(parents being right in the next room over) lol. So the next day when my parents left the house for the day it was on. Omg the sexual tention had been too much and we had incredible sex over and over. Then we got a hotel room the next day and just enjoyed each other laughed and had great conversation, we had so much in common it was great. So the 4 days when by quickley and we couldnt stop thinking of each other so he sent me a bus ticket to come to stay 3 weeks with him. I came over and 4 weeks later moved in and it will be a year on 2-17 next month and the sex is still amazing and we are back on Fuck Book Of Sex because we are very open and would love to share our happiness and our great sex . So ty very much Fuck Book Of Sex love you. from excitedr and isis:)
life2uever said
I am here to meet someone who is dearly lovely , sweet and honesty .
rm_srikantobort said
who need it call me please becuse i need sex
randanjali said
i like 1 girl she is a call girl anjali she is so sexy n hot big big bump
rm_01096541130 said
hi can i know you?
rm_Arenzo101 said
We're looking forward to hearing about your success with Fuck Book Of Sex! If you have met someone special, made new friends, or have just had a great time, share your story with us and other members. Stories will be reviewed for content and published on a competitive basis, so keep them upbeat, concise and all about how Fuck Book Of Sex has worked for you!
cockfromvt said
I have met 2 great couples through Fuck Book Of Sex. Mike and Carole from Swansea and Pete and Gillian from Bristol. Both couples were looking for men to join them for naughty fun and both couples are still in contact with me today. We meet once every three months when I return to the UK, usually in a hotel just off the motorway and I always leave totally knackered. Both men are Bi sexual which is great fun bot girls like to watch me perform with their partner either sucking each others cocks or having anal sex. We always video our meetings and one day I am sure they will be on here for people to view. Carole likes to be tied down, preferably over a chair so we have access to all her holes, she likes to have a cock in her mouth and a cock in her pussy and she must have the cum in her mouth, the more the better. Gillian on the other hand is a very fit 48 year old who has a body that needs to be fucked, poked, kissed and slapped, she loves a hard spanking while getting her mouth filled with a cock, I was a bit dubious at first and a bit frightened to carry our some spanking but now I know how she enjoys it, we carry on, of course she has a safe word when things get too much but thankfully she hasn't used it yet. Both girls like a cock in their arse and both boys like to suck my cock and I love having their cocks inside my arse.

I always thought that Fuck Book Of Sex was a fraud, for months nothing happened and I was just getting junk from men who wanted to experiment with their Bi side, done that and it didn't work but now I have my regular fuck buddies and thanks Fuck Book Of Sex for such a great site, I am very well looked after everytime I come back to the UK
mlclove23 said
my experiance is not good! i sent 4 emails to get help and never heard from anyone!i recieved anonomys e-card but the person wanted me to send her back a e-card after i look at her profile and pictures but she forgot to give me a username? so now she thinks i didn't like her profile and pictures!so i'm going to lose her? this is bullshit! this site is for getting a friend not chasing them away right? if anyone can help then i would be very grateful!i'm not paying $30.00 dollars to not get what i'm suppossed to get? man this really is eating me up!!!!!!!!!!!!@!@Q
thesargeman said
I have trouble watching video, I click on a video and I get related video, if I wanted related video I would click on a related video, please fix the problem. The Sargeman 01/11/2012
blosomfireage said
This is not a success story, but my own view, I surmise this site takes everyone from Africa to mean nothing huh? It's unbelievable my profile is still being pend after a few days I joined on here. I request it being approved soonest. thanks.

Yours irritated MAURINE.
DaveyJ101 said
Pure sweetness I have found sweet freinds
nosabe07 said
I was on Fuck Book Of Sex one morning, watching the cams while I stroked my dick for my own camera, when I got a message from a local guy. He asked if I was available and before I knew it he was ringing my doorbell. We went to the bedroom and I told him to take his shorts off and sit on the bed. He was a black guy a little bit taller than me and in pretty good shape. His dick was nice and smooth, a little bit thicker than mine. He wasnt hard yet but I was ready to fix that. I immediately got on my knees and took his dick in my mouth. I stroked his cock as I slid it in and out of my mouth. He was really hard now so I took it out of my mouth to get a good look at it. It was about 7 inches and nice and hard. I licked back and forth on the tip before sucking him deep in my mouth. I was really starting to work his dick now, taking him as deep as I could into my mouth. He laid back on the bed to enjoy me sucking his dick. Then he sat up and grabbed my head to push me up and down on his rock hard cock. I slid his dick out of my mouth and got a condom and some lube. I told him to move up on the bed so I could ride him. I turned around backwards and slid his dick into my ass. It felt so good to feel his hot dick in me. I started going up and down on him, I could hear him moaning and grabbing my ass. It felt so good. I climbed off the bed and pulled him to the edge so I could suck him some more. After a few minutes, I bent over the bed and spread my ass for his big dick. He grabbed my ass and pushed into my waiting ass. He rocked slowly at first and then picked up the speed of his thrusts. He reached around and started stroking my dick. I told him to let me know when he was about to cum so I could suck him some more and watch his hot dick shoot across his stomach. A few minutes later he pulled out of my ass and laid across the bed. I moved between his legs and starting sucking him again. A few minutes later he moaned that he was about to cum. I pulled his dick out and started stroking him until the first spurt of cum shot out and then I started licking just below the head of his throbbing dick while I finished squeezing every last drop of juice out of his dick. Then I took his dick back in my mouth and sucked him until he went limp in my mouth.
MatrureBlkMem said
I am a mature male black, living in Memphis tn. I enjoy lots of oral and long sensual sex sessions. Last year I email a new couple on the site advertising for a female. I acknowledge that I realized they were looking for a female and just wanted to say hello and to see if they would be interested in a threesome with a mature male black. They were a middle age white unmarried couple. They responded and agreed to meet at a local bar and grill. We met, had a drink, chatted for a while and agreed to get together at a later date after their upcoming vacation. When they returned they called, I met them at his place. We had drinks chatted and chilled for a while. She was an attractive petite to athletic woman in her 40's. She took charge and told us what she wanted. I was made to feel very comfortable, with kisses from her and encourage from him to her to have a good time. We went on to have great sex and currently we get together from one to two times a months. This has proven to be my best hook up, the ideal situation for a married man that enjoys sensual fun with out the relationship drama. I do consider them friends, yet we don't do a lot of communicating other than a note on holiday and hey can you meet on such and such date and time.