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cyclict said
I met Kana while I was still married to my first wife. We had a brief but memorable "affair". She was an awesome woman that I never forgot about! A couple of years later my wife and I split. Because of the kids I was upset about it. About 2 weeks after that I received an e-mail from Kana out of the blue. Her marriage was over at that time as well. I think she knew we should be together and saved my e-mail address. We got together for a drink. It only took about 1 minute with her to remember how very special she was! We dated for a short time before she and her children moved in with me. She had great kids. We lived together for about a year before I asked her to marry me! We had fallen madly love with each other by that time, and I wasn't going to let her get away! She was thrilled and said yes. We wanted to marry in a special and memorable way that illustrated how much we were in love. On June 26th 2010 we were married out in the woods at our favorite camping spot by her middle son. It was wonderful! We had such a great time. Just like it always was with her! I can honestly say it was one of the best days of my entire life. On December 3 2010 she died of an aneurysm. One of the things we often spoke of was posting our success story on Fuck Book Of Sex. At the time neither one of knew how to do that. Tonight I found out how. So Kana my love this is for you. I miss you!!!!!!
shaved4sex said
Although it took a few months to find a nice lady to hook up with, I'm here to tell you that if you keep a good attitude and don't be rude or too crude (depending on who you are talking to) and do like they suggest here on the bonus activity and the chances you'll meet at least one hook up or more will definitely increase with every positive entry and interaction. So don't give up, and send out nice positive communications without being too desperate or too macho and you'll meet sooner than later. Keep an eye on your cupid report, and do browse the "Members near you" page frequently because you might see someone before they get a million e-mails and contact her/him/them first and get lucky that way. And don't trip if they don't write back...everyone gets the cold shoulder a bunch of times before hitting on a match. Don't get mad or send insulting emails ...only losers do that. Just move on and be friendly and you'll attract someone soon enough...Have Fun!
sexdelighter10 said
Fuck Book Of Sex is a hot site where hot people are ready to play. I have been a member since 2003 and have made countless friends, attended hot parties where th party-goers were ready to experiences hedonistic mind-blowing sexual explorations.Recently, I went on a cruise to Bermuda and even there was able to find a fuck buddy who gave an unbelievable fuck session. I have had nothing but fun and hope to continue my sexual expansions. As always safety is foremost Mymotto is seek and you will find fuck friends who are hot and ready to experiment.
xibitionistAZ said
the level of sexual energy on Fuck Book Of Sex, particularly in Phoenix and Scottsdale is absolutely amazing... i have never seen a site with so many 'real' people sharing and watching as i have on this one... Girls watching Guys really has girls watching guys...
niclavi68 said
ihad been fantasizing about having sex with another man for years. but never had the nerve.a 10 months ago i somehow got an email from a sexy black guy who i will call larri. who liked my profile. to cut a long story short he kept emailin and textn me until he finally got me to meet him. never in a million years did i know i was really a feminine gay or think i would fall in love with another man and be his wife.. im 5 foot 8 165 brown blu muscular tattooed caucasion. Larri who is soon to be my husband is 6 ft 4 210 brown brown muscular mature sexy dominant but gentle and hung like a horse. he showwed me what a real man is. the last 10 months he kept totally feeding me his huge juicy black cock cock.he made stop dating women and me realize and understand that i am a femine homosexual (a Girl) and how a real man like him needs a girl like me. we moved into our own place recently, nothing feels better than being sweet white feminine homosexual waking up in the arms an older mature sexy well hung black man . we just wanted to thank Fuck Book Of Sex for hookin us up. peace larri and nikki
Maxeffort2 said
When I first signed up at Fuck Book Of Sex, I thought it was going to be a great way to meet women! After 2 months and s0me 20 women all I can say is OUTSTANDING!
SassysIrishfool said
well, well, well whodhavethunkit I AM WRITING YOU TO SAY THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP...i have been on sexfinder off and on for a while and have met many fun and interesting people, BUT never did i expect to meet the love of my life here, we met a month ago ago and it was love at first sight we have been almost inseperable since my SASSYSHERI is the best thing that has ever happened to me she is giving, sincere and truly a wonderful person thru and thru, not to mention a pure NASTY GIRL (as i call her) in bed, she is everything i want and more thank you again.......... IRISHFOOL now known as SASSYSIRISHFOOL
sexyme7777 said
I just married Just1269 in July 3/2011. We are very happy!
twinzmom said
I started out as "twinzmom" and met "sabarracadabarra" three years ago. We clicked and meshed right off the bat. Now we're looking forward to opening our world to others in the swinging lifestyle. Thank you Fuck Book Of Sex, I couldn't ask for a better man.
mothman2223 said
My story is a succesful story. I have met with 5 women and had a 5 out of 5 rating with them all!! My story is short and sweet. Had 2 3sums and the rest was one on one sex. Ill always be a member here forever. Rock on Fuck Book Of Sex!!!!!
rm_spawt21 said
I wandered on to this site my mistake, or was it? I was lost, confused and really did not expect much. I didn't feel like I fit in. I'm still not sure. But one woman gave me a chance. Not based solely upon my physical characteristics. It was what I had said to her in an e-mail. Or, more importantly what her profile said to me.

She clearly stated that she could have an orgasm by herself. That what she really craved was that intimacy of companionship. The touching, kissing, holding, giggling, etc.

What I like to call the luxury of sharing time. And now, we just have to work harder to find the time. She's incredible. Like nothing I've ever experienced from a woman. I like to her as Beautiful, Sensual, Sexual, Intelligent, Tasty and Delicious. All capitalized because I believe they are actually "titles" not just adjectives.

Thanks Fuck Book Of Sex.
rm_leland1112 said
I met Debbie on Fuck Book Of Sex's Instand Messenger one afternoon. She was older but very pretty and had a great attitude. She informed me that she was bisexual and thought that I had sexy eyes. Over the course of a week we spoke and got to know one another. Then the night came. She sent me a page and explained her situation. Horny! She HAD to have it now! I am one to never back away from a distress call so I headed over to her house which was an hour away. She met me at the front door wearing little more than a nighty. She is a great kisser, she was a fantastic bed parter; the kind that tells you what they want rather than leave you guessing. We got together several times off and on, neither one of us never leaving dissatisfied.
rm_sassycheri said
I met a lot of great men on Fuck Book Of Sex and never thought I would find the love of my life on Fuck Book Of Sex, but I did! We are continuing on as a couple on Fuck Book Of Sex. I can't tell you how greatfull we both are, we waited along time for eachother, its not easy to find ppl that share the same sexual desires and allso click with. He has given me my first threesome and we will continue on with the lifestyle while our love for oneanother gets stronger as each day passes. Thanks for all the great times as a single female on your site! And thanks for giving me the love of mylife. Sassysirishfool aka sassycheri
pinktaco315 said
Next month I will be marrying the love of my life...who I happened to meet off of Fuck Book Of Sex. I was browsing profiles and came across his and it took my breath away. Unfortunately he was over an hour away from me but I took a chance and wrote him anyway. The original plan was just to meet for a causal hook strings attached. Well five years later we are still going strong and planning our wedding! Who knew that I would have found love on Fuck Book Of Sex? But it does and can happen! Thanks for leading me to love and happiness Fuck Book Of Sex!
rm_mIaFiAgUy said
Horny and Ready

I work constantly and frankly don't have the time to look through hundreds of profiles that are nothing but a bunch of chicks looking to get with a guy just for his money. Other sites led me to mostly that kind of girl or the ones who want you to wine and dine them for two months before you can barely get a kiss. Truthfully, I wanted to find a girl that I had chemistry with and wasn't a prude when it came to sex. I just want to get laid on a regular basis without all the BS! Open-minded hotties who are into sex as much as I am! I found plenty of them right here!
nissanmoma said
I met my husband on Fuck Book Of Sex in 2007. We connected right away. We dated for about 3 years having a great time, and now we are married. Still having a great time and going strong thanks Fuck Book Of Sex.
AndyLisa66 said
Both of us were seeking something. We had been in relationships in the past that just were not quite what we were looking for. Each of us had profiles on Fuck Book Of Sex for some time and had met the occasional 'hook-up'. Neither of us gave up the search and found each other on Fuck Book Of Sex. Matter of fact, we only lived 8 miles apart. Wow what luck! Both being sexual people, we wanted to be in open and honest relationship sharing our desires and fantasies. What we were searching for we eventually found here. lostgirl66 met nceastpower. We got married a year after our first meeting and now live happily together as AndyLisa66. We still use Fuck Book Of Sex occasionally to search for like minded couples. YES this works if you are open, honest and give it a chance. Andy and Lisa
Harleycouple0651 said
My girlfriend and I met on Fuck Book Of Sex back in February. We were both looking for "friends with benefits" and would have been happy to find nothing more than that. What we actually found was our ideal partners and best friends. We can't get enough of each other, have a great time no matter what were doing, enjoy the same things, and our sex life is absolutely phenomenal! We can talk about anything and have explored many fantasies that we never thought we could. Now we have a profile on here together as a couple, and were looking forward to fulfilling even more of our fantasies, with the help of some new friends. Fuck Book Of Sex definitely worked for us as singles, but we both agree, it's way more fun as a couple!! Thanks, Matt & renee
laffalot63 said
I was fortunate enough to hook up with an intelligent, kind, and sexy man. We had a lot of fun on this site, and off. There will never be another person like him, and I am grateful for having had the opportunity to spend time with him. This wouldn't have happened without Fuck Book Of Sex.

Thank you!
pareja9805 said
we met a hot couple last month sex was great we really recommend everyone near us to check them out
electrapoppy said
A few years back thru this program I met someone from abroad very much my junior. It was for fun. I've met others but the relationships fizzled out. Over the past 3 yrs this canadian and I meet up whenever he is here and we are fast friends more than anything else. Friendship thru sex is very rewarding - we share our experiences. This isnt earth shattering but thanks to Fuck Book Of Sex I enjoy something special
eledog2 said
Aloha, Where do I start....there is so many positive things I can say...but one that sticks has renewed my wife and I sex life in a grand way...we have met new friends we call "new friends with benefits". It has brought back a spark in our life...side order note, if more people join Fuck Book Of Sex there would be less divorces...remember, there are three causes of divorce, sex, money and wife and I at first was a little reluctant to join...but after meeting alot of Fuck Book Of Sex cast members....these people for one is well educated, fun and very friendly....sometimes I wish I could introduce this Fuck Book Of Sex to our vanila friends....thank you Fuck Book Of Sex...Aloha...eledog2
luvztohavefun said
I was looking for more than a fuck buddy, I wanted someone to do things with IN and OUT of the bedroom, and found my Mr. Right, not my Mr. Right NOW. Anyway, we've been together for a year now, and we are both completely happy. We found the whole package with each other. I'm 55 and he's 58, and we never thought we would find happiness again, but we sure did, and it is going to be long term, for sure. THANK YOU Fuck Book Of Sex !!!!!
mstasha82 said
It wasnt long after i joined this site looking for some erotic fun that i truly met my new adult friend!!! It wasnt hard at all to find my match! My husband was always out of town working never spending time with me so one night i got the urge to join this site and fulfill my desires, and oh boy did I! I met a hot guy and had incredible times with! this is by far the best site out there to help you out in a time of need or just reaching out to share actually adult conversation. I tried many of sites with no luck and this site is by far the best i will always be a lifetime member cause you cant put a price on fun!! Thank you so much Fuck Book Of for allowing me to have so much fun and pleasure
exite6666 said
I met up with BabyGurllDeane 18 Female. At first it sounded like she wanted to do anything and every thing. But even though it came down to wam bam thank you mam. I had a great time fucking her young pussy, even though the condom had failed I loved that she allowed me to cum cum cum Deep in side her Pussy. I was great I would love to be with her anyday anytime again. If she end up having my kid I would love it and love the chance to make more.Lynn
jajo696 said
December of 2011, it will be four years that we have been together. It was after a few emails here..he said i was flippant and scared him...yet he kept writing lol..and i kept responding. He was fairly new to the site and was frustrated with the responses he received..stating they required a huge this n that with an equally huge womans profile said she wouldnt even consider a motel 6 kinda guy. I had more experience with the site..staying mostly in the chat rooms..and had met(for conversation)several men. One man was a definite possibilty, having met five times, but the distance and a happening doomed that relationship. Just about that same time...this man who i sent me an email. Three or four email and some IM time later, i was picking him up at an auto service center and we went to have lunch and drinks while he waited for his vehicle to be serviced. That was our first date...Dec 4, both of our reasons for being out so long away from home shopping. We have tried to make it work, given that we both have other lives with other responsibilities. We squeeze in our private time as often as we waxes and wanes, tho we try for once a week. He is kind, loving, supportive and cute to boot. I couldnt ask for a nicer person....and to think all of this came from A...F...F. Just goes to show one that here ....just like out there...there are some gems to be discovered. I love my guy !!! We have explored many places 2gether...that includes hotels/motels and yup even the Motel6. Hahahahahaha !!!
neasexisfun said
I have had great success with Fuck Book Of Sex. I have met some wonderfull and fun friends on here. There are a lot of fakes on here so it does take time and patience. I guess I probably meet only about 1 of every 15 or so I talk with.
getitupgetitin2 said
I am not to particularly enthused with some of the members whom appear to be on this site for fun n games but I have e-mailed n found a few worthwhile members in whom I hope stay connected. I m in Bermuda n these folks don't have anything else to do with their time and waste mine. They are inconclusive or just outlandish. They text the talk but don't know how to represent. Mostly no shows or want to meet in weird areas. Life is to precious to be meeting in out of the way places. My house or ur house; the beach or somewhere that isn't eerie. But I do have a fun time with some. The other thing is the "upgrade notice". Irritating to the max. I believe it is a personal choice n deterrents should not be placed because one does not. Then u cannot access the member u want to access because one has to upgrade. But thanks I will continue on, but I think Outpersonals has a more enhancing site. Fuck Book Of Sex has a lot of undecided members who are not sure if they are gay, straight or taken. It is hard to evaluate as some come across their border of being straight n want to swing the other way. Confusing but I will remain just for now. Thanks............
sexxynfun said
In March of 2007 I decided to relocate to California from Arkansas. I was a gold member on Fuck Book Of Sex, with the handle "sexy biker 24" and it was about 6 months before my move and decided it would be great to meet some ladies in my soon to be new home. The day I searched the first profile that came up was "this girl for fun". She was very attractive, that was what caught my eye first. I read her profile and thought she was a class or two over me, we were a perfect match according to Fuck Book Of Sex, except the distance, however I continued to search. I sent letters to four or five other ladies, as I was signing off I looked at "this girl for fun"s profile one more time and thought what the hell, so I sent her an email. The next day I had only one reply and it was "this girl for fun"! We began communicating by e-mail. We got to know each others sexual desires as well as each others families and careers. She was a VP and I thought way out of my league. Then after a few weeks of writing, we decided on the same night we wanted to hear each others voice so I called her. It was then we knew we had to meet, so I arranged for her to fly to Arkansas and meet. We hit it off almost immediately, there was a moment or two at the airport with the feeling of uh-oh what have I done. We spent an enchanting four days together, wrapped in an erotic fantasy that was out of this world. I had planned on showing her the sites of NW Arkansas, but we went one place and then spent the next three and a half days in bed. When I moved to California in August we continued to spend a lot of time together. She was my tour guide, which is what I said I wanted in my letters. In November we moved in together and then in 2009 we got married on the beach. We make love everyday, and twice on Sundays. We are a sexual match, she is erotic and sensual in every way you can imagine, she is my soul mate. We are expanding our eroticism by meeting other couples on Fuck Book Of Sex. Looking to expand our already fanfuckingtastic sex life. We enjoy telling friends how we met, right away they think it was a vanilla dating site, we like seeing their facial expressions when we tell them it was Thank you Fuck Book Of Sex for allowing us to meet from 1700 miles away! Mike & Kim "sexxynfun"
rockermom said
About 16 months ago. I ran across a profile that caught my eye. I made the initial contact which is something I never did. But we arranged to meet for dinner and it took off from there. Absolutely one of the best friends I have ever had. And without a doubt...the BEST sex on the planet. We have seen each other regularly since our first meeting...I couldn't be happier. He is wonderful and I will never regret making the first contact with him. Truely an amazing person. Someone I would have never met had he and I not been on this site. Thanks!
cplluvr69 said
WOW, what a site! After realizing how to take some good pictures and of course use my brain LOLOL to make a goos profile and really impress couples as well as wingle women the rest was history :)

Fuck Book Of Sex is truly worldwide and then only site that has worked for me and most people I have met with and known as friends here. Worth the money ten times over! Hope to hear from everyone soon Bye Ash
cplluvr69 said
WOW, what a site! After realizing how to take some good pictures and of course use my brain LOLOL to make a goos profile and really impress couples as well as wingle women the rest was history :)

Fuck Book Of Sex is truly worldwide and then only site that has worked for me and most people I have met with and known as friends here. Worth the money ten times over! Hope to hear from everyone soon Bye.
bella_vici said
I started on Fuck Book Of Sex as a single and played a bit with couples...within the first few months I decided to meet my first single guy. Vooboo was straight, to the point, and his testimonials sold me! We met for NSA and it was amazing!!! I have never had a sexual experience where I felt like I connected with my partner mind, body and soul like we did on the first meet. We continued to see each other and have now lived together for almost 2 years. It seemed logical to swing as a couple and he took me to my first swinger party. Haven't looked back since! We are members at 2 local swing clubs, and have met some of the best people ever!!!! We have attended hotel parties and swinger camp outs and I have lived out many of my fantasies, with many more to come :) The swinger community on a whole is so open, free and welcoming, love all of you and look forward to the many more friends that we will meet ;) xo
REND123 said
Hi I am new in this kind of game nd I want to learn more about it, I was on vacation with some friends when we went to have shower in a room at the hotel my room mate have had his shower, his cock was fully stretched, big head and large I could not deny when I look at him he was masturbating himself I felt shy when he came out he was horny he touched down there and starting rubbing stroking my coc when I get hard he pull him out and start sucking me I could not believe that !! it was sooo coool for my first time then he asked to do the same but I refused totally The next night he was finger my ass when I was asleep I wake up with a big pain in my back .. he asked 2 B patient he start pushing his head very slowly in nd out 4 a couple of times then he pushed him all the way inside me it was strange 4 me Now I feel I need that badly but dont know how to start nd with whom !! if interested drop me a line at rvdelamodeATotmailDOT pls remember a nice sexy pic for u is a big turn for me
TnMBCLooking said
I've been a member since 2005...I've been able to meet some of the coolest, freakiest people and i was able to find my wife on the site as well...This is the best relationship i've been in because we share so much in common...I look forward to continued years of membership and fun!!!! Thanks Fuck Book Of Sex...
shaghappy56 said
Given my age, i`d certainly given up on looking for love.Whilst i`ve enjoyed my time on this site and, had some successful meetings, te last thing on my mind was finding love. A few weeks ago, somebody showed up as having viewed my profile.There was no photo but, i had a look at her profile and that certainly interested me.It was well written and articulate and clearly demonstrated a level of intelligence and a touch of humour.Throw in a touch of personality and you had my ideal woman. She clearly piqued my interest sufficiently for me to write an e-mail to her.My e-mail was polite, demonstrated the fact i`d read her profile fully and, included a bunch of flowers.That in it`s self, impressed her enough to respond back to me. After a couple of e-mails back and forth, we chatted on I.M..By now, i knew i wanted to meet her and, having then chatted on the phone, we arranged to meet up.Strangely enough, i hadn`t even seen a photo of her and so asked her if she`d send me one which she duly did.I thought she was attractive enough and waited till Friday night to turn up.When she stepped out of her car that night, i was blown away by her beauty.Her photo clearly didn`t do her justice. We ended up going for a couple of drinks to break the ice and seemed to hit it off straight away.We spent the night together and spent Saturday chatting away like we`d known each other for ages. After she`d gone home, i sat thinking about things and then i knew she`d had a bigger impact on me than anybody else ever had.I had those feelings in the pit of my stomach that i hadn`t experienced for many a year.The following week, we spent many an hour just chatting away untill the following Friday when we met up again.We had a great weekend together, clearly got on both in and out of the bedroom. Over the coming weeks, the relationship has developed to such an extent, that we are very much in love with each other.To such an extent that we are clearly going to be living with each other, sooner rather than later. The funny thing is in all this, is that, she showed up as having viewed my profile and, when i asked her, she said she hadn`t viewed it.The site has ended up proving very successful for us.
master_of_oral said
One evening long ago, I was sitting at my computer as usual surfing the net and feeling horny. I decided to try my hand at the Fuck Book Of Sex. I went to the site, put in my information and clicked upload. I was 23. I like oral sex a lot and I gave my id – Master of Oral. The subject of my profile was “Best Oral Treatment in Town.”

A few days passed and I continued surfing the net spending time at Fuck Book Of Sex, scanning through female profiles. Then one day, I was about to log off for the night when I decided to check my Fuck Book Of Sex mailbox. So I went back to the site, logged in and checked my mail. I had a letter. It was from a lady with id “Assfucker….”. Suddenly I felt so much sexcitement. It was my first mail from a lady from internet for sex. I saw a little information in my mailbox that she was from Dhaka and she was 32. I was more excited because she was just the age that I always lust for. Older women always have softer skin and perkier tits. With shivering hands, I clicked on the mail to open it.

The mail opened and I got this message – “I really wanna get the best oral taste. Will u give me? Where do u live in Dhaka? Let us get to know each other.” I replied I would love to send her to heavens with my tongue. In reply, she said “I don't believe in writing, I believe in practical. Then u will see how expert I am in bed than u. I am new in this site and sent you letter for my extreme attraction towards oral sex.”

From there our email conversation started. I knew she was Aneela, 32 years old married lady with a little girl. Her husband was a former football player who was injured in some accident and she was unhappy in sex life. She held a good position in a multinational company. Then we exchanged phone numbers for further relationship.

Thus we met and started our sexual adventures.

I was so happy finding such a sexy lady through Fuck Book Of Sex. Thank you ADFF.
ClubSexyCool said
Where to start with our Fuck Book Of Sex experiences? I guess at the beginning would be the best place. Before ClubSexyCool, all the parties and before Penthouse owned Fuck Book Of Sex when it was only The World's Best Sex site rather than the Worlds Best Sex AND Swingers Site! Eight years ago she was WetWildandHot75 and I was Ohhhhhhhhyeaa. I was browsing through the PA/TriState chat room talking to friends when she suddenly popped in to the room. I sent her an IM and we began chatting. After chatting a few times in the chat room we decided to finally meet each other. She came to see the band play that weekend and we had an awesome erotic time. It was great to already know that we were 100% compatible sexually before we even met. Soon after we changed our screen name to SexyCoolToy and began to really get into the Fuck Book Of Sex webcams along with taking and posting erotic pictures on Fuck Book Of Sex. We also started to host the ClubSexyCool swingers parties together in the area and changed our name to be more identifiable. This last year we got married Huge Swingers Steelers Yacht Wedding party in Baltimore with all of our Sexy Fuck Book Of Sex friends! what a great time! The lesson is to never give up on here! You never know when you're going to get Lucky! It took me 2 years looking and she finally 'Popped' into my life right here in a Chat room! It's so much more fun than on those 'Vanilla' sites you see advertised all over the place.
rm_zoprolarge said
my story start when am coming to the world like evrey body start with good education finish withe faculty of law but am didint work alayer work at hotels when am18years old give me achance to visit many country like switherland and italy and finish at sudan speak english and italy and some german now am stay at my lovley home egypt best country at all the world have my spesial busenis am a single man man man have no child live with mom only now this is my life ........................................ ........................................ ........................................ ........................................ ....................kjkjkkjnjjjjjklkjjkj kjkljkljkjkljkljkljkljhjhnjkjhjkjlkjlikj kljkljlkjlkjkljkljkljkljkljkljkljkljlkjk ljkljkljlkjlkjkljkljkljkljkljkljkljkljkl jkljkljkljlkjkljlkjkljlkjkljljlkjlkjlkjl kjkljlkjlkjlkjlkjkljlkjlkjlkjlkjlkjkljkl jkljlkjlkjlkjkljlkjlkjlkjkljlkjkljlkjlkj lkjlkjlkjlkjlkjkljkljl
rm_zarak32 said
my success ful story is that i follow the truth and follow all rules which follows the truth it mean i blv one of the realation which builind in the blocks of truth trust
trulovetrusex said
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synndarella said
I came here to make friends with benefits all around the UK in places I love.. but you can't live everywhere at once! I've done this and the list is still growing. Everyone I've met will be a lifetime friend. Some pretty special people on this site :)
mrbigincountry said
met many young ladies, from here definetly not enough yet nor pretty enough, but i have met some for sex.
community said
The first time I kissed a girl was on a handicap walkway behind a grocery store. I cut her lip with my braces.

She was in 8th grade and I was in 6th. My group of guy friends and her group of girlfriends were meeting up to smoke cigarettes and be cool behind the Pic n Save. On the walk there plans were made for my friends to split, leaving me alone with her. It was also described to me in detail just how to finger a girl. All my friends had input on the correct technique and number of fingers to use. There was no way I was going to do that.

Far too quickly it happened and we were totally alone. We talked for a few seconds then decided to make out over by the employee entrance where no cars could see us. We held hands on the way over.

I leaned up and in (she was taller than me) almost right away. She stopped me and asked if she could take her gum out first. I remember her sticking that gum on a paint chipped handicapped rail and thinking it was kinda gross. Then we went back at it. It was salty, just like everyone said it would be. All went fine for a few minutes until she just stopped and walked off.

I rejoined my group to high fives and the self satisfaction of having just pulled that off. It wasn't until people started calling me "Jaws" in the hallways at school that I realized something had gone terribly wrong. Apparently I had done the worst job of braces kissing eva and nicked her lip. She had told her friends who told everyone. Jaws stuck as a nickname for all of middle school, and it was pretty tough to deal with.

The embarrassment peaked when I was taking a free throw shot during a junior varsity game. A few people in the stands started going "Duh na, Duh na, dun-na-na-na-na." I don't remember if my shot went in, but I like to think it did.

I practiced and practiced, watched a lot of movies and was profoundly moved by the kissing scene in Top Gun. I moved away a few years later, and left behind all those who knew my story. The present day me is a damn fine kisser. Even so, I can't help but start off each kiss delicately.
gsxr132009 said
I'm writing to say thanks Fuck Book Of Sex! After my marriage ended, I had pretty much given up on finding someone to share my life with. Someone who was not only personally compatible, but sexually compatible as well. I know, looking for a soulmate on a site that's primarily used for sexual liasons doesn't seem all that bright. But, I decided to give it a try anyway. I'd looked at a few ads before I found hers. To make a long story short, her ad looked like I could have written it.(if I was a girl, anyway) Even her sexual preferences were so close to mine it was almost scary. We e-mailed back and forth a few times, and then I broke the rules and sent her my phone number. When she called, we hit it off immediately. I knew she was originally from Georgia, so I asked why she talked so funny; did she have a speech problem? When she laughed at my goofy and tasteless joke, I knew I had found someone special. When we finally met, the chemistry was evident. We hit it off in all ways, and felt like we had known each other forever. I won't go into detail about the sexual part of our new relationship. I'll save that for the erotic stories section of this magazine. Suffice it to say that I've never met someone that I've connected with on so many levels, in and out of the bedroom... I truly feel that I've found the woman I want to spend the rest of my life with, and sometime in 2010, she'll be moving in with me and I'll make this sweet, beautiful woman my wife. So thanks again Fuck Book Of Sex, and Nae Nae, I'm yours, and I Love You!
SinfulAngel13 said
Being on Fuck Book Of Sex has opened many new doors for me- and was the portal for me to meet a rather amazing person, with whom I have fabulous chemistry with-it began with many chats, eventually leading to several meetings, where we were able to explore each other, in very passionate, creative, uninhibited ways. Not only did I connect with an extremely intelligent, passionate, sexy lover, but I also made a friend for life. Without Fuck Book Of Sex, this would never have happened. We were able to connect on many different levels, without the restraints and barriers, which are so commonly present in the outside world- sharing private, erotic thoughts, ideas, and dreams... tapping in to our deep, sensual sides...sharing and taking sexy photos and videos...creating and nurturing an intensely erotic friendship, without any outside pressures or expectations...thank you Fuck Book Of Sex, for making this all possible! ~SinfulAngel13
lookingforbi79 said
I'm a constantly traveling biz exec and I use Xmatch to find new friends in places where I frequently travel or will stay for an extended period. I have met many great couples and single women for fun and keep friendships to this day with many of them. It seems Hong Kong and Atlanta couples are great fun.

I often get 100's of messages and emails from other users. If you didn't get a reply from me it's usually for one of the following reason(Guys especially take note):

1. You have not read my profile- Unlike some I did not write a lengthy profile but I clearly state my preference in type of person I want to meet (i.e. no guys). Take time to read a profile before quickly emailing someone just based on pictures. For people who think they can magically "change my mind", if i am interested in you, I will contact you personally.

2. You want to meet immediately- I travel a lot for work and buy stating you want to meet right away or immediately I will usually overlook it as chances are I am not in town. If i have interest I MIGHT reply when back.

3. You provide no information- Users (myself included) often want to know something about you before replying. Just sending me a simple short message with contact information or a one liner gets moved quickly to trash.

For those that do provide meaning contact and have received a response, I have 99.9% of the time enjoyed our meetings, drinks, and fun. I look forward to new friends from Xmatch. A girl can be wild when she wants, and hopefully i will be traveling to a town near you soon.
aheavenlyplace4u said
I've gone on some dates with a few people and if nothing else it has been a new experience for me. I suppose success, for me, was finally finding someone to help me fulfill my fantasy. For me, it was Welch1954. I know some people freak when I tell them I'm into older guys, but it just happens to be a big turnon for me. I don't know what else to say about it. Not only that though, he was really sweet and knew how to talk to me and press my buttons. He did more with his mouth than most guys I've known to be able to do with their whole bodies. For me, the mind is my g-spot... everything else tends to come second. We chatted alot before we actually met, but I think that it was him trying to get to know me... and, honestly, I think he was taking notes the whole time. He is definitely a communicator and he knew how to be rough and in control and also when to be gentle and he made me want to make him cum just as much as I think he wanted to make me (even though it didn't seem very difficult for him to accomplish). I guess communication was the real factor. He was very inquisitive and willing to listen... Even though he's probably done this plenty of times, he made me feel like our time was my time. and even though we agreed on a one night stand... I'd probably do it again:)
MidnightsMuse said
Hi Everyone,

We received a request for a story about how our adventures have gone since joining Fuck Book Of Sex a few years ago. We thought we'd share and possibly give some advice for those who need it.

For starters, as a couple trying to find a single hot female to play is very hard. We live in a small town and that makes it even worse. You pretty much hit the lottery if you find a hottie that doesn't want to bring her "Hottie". We eventually moved to F2F with couples and have had some luck. The problem with most couples will be that they want it all in one night. If you truly like the people you are writing give them time to reach the point you're at. We have found couples we probably would have gone all the way with given a few "Light" encounters.

We have met some wonderful people and some not so wonderful people. The key is to get to know them before you meet. Text, e-mail and talk if possible and make your meeting somewhere safe, especially if you're single. Patience is the best virtue you could have in this lifestyle and with it come some very lasting memories.

For single guys. Yes, it can happen. We have done MFM before and had a blast with it, but along with the cock pix you need to also have good face shots. Ballcap, sunglasses will not get you anywhere! A woman needs to see what she's welcoming into the bedroom. Use websites like Picnik to edit and make your pix better, most of the pix we post have been edited slightly for effect (We're photo bugs!) Other than the pix, please above all else do not send idiotic messages. One liners like "Hey baby! Can I eat that pussy?" are not only a instant turn off, but also instantly deleted! Be intelligent and funny and make it short and sweet. Express interest and see what happens! Also, be prepared for rules, things like protected sex, or non kissing on the face are sometimes normal and expected. Trying to break those rules are a major turn off and will not get you invited back.

Our overall experiences on Fuck Book Of Sex have been positive, but it's been a adventure with a few pitfalls along the way. We hope this has helped a little and also that you find your wildest fantasies and make them a reality on Fuck Book Of Sex!


Maxxie1972 said
Today I had my very first threesome. It was incredible. The couple was extremely attractive and made it so easy for me to just jump right in and explore the woman's body. Sucking her perfect nipples and fingering her dripping wet pussy made me want to crawl between her legs and lick, suck and finger her until she moaned and squirted cum all in my mouth. Ofcourse, having her husband's hands and mouth all over me didn't hurt. I begged him to fuck me and he did while she kissed me and sucked my tits. And to think, I wasn't sure I could go through with it.

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